History of the Department

The Department of finance, banking and insurance was founded in 2016 on the basis of SSU Chancellor’s order № 0473 - I from July, 11, 2016 by the association of finance department and banking department. It was led by a doctor of economics Shkolnyk Inna Oleksandrivna.

The result of departments association is forming of the high-professional, concerted collective of scientists, skilled specialists from finance and banking, at the greatest level solvent to provide an organization of educational process taking into account the experience of higher educational establishments and financial establishments.


Each department had its own history and was a powerful educational and scientific cell in Ukrainian academy of banking. After the joining of Ukrainian academy of banking to Sumy state university the collectives of finance and banking departments made a decision about the association.

salo iv The banking department was created in Ukrainian academy of banking by one of the first – on March, 15, 1996 and it carried out preparation of highly skilled specialists on specialty "Banking" for the banking system of Ukraine during twenty years. The well known scientist with considerable practical experience in the field of finance, doctor of economic, professor Salo I. V. became the first manager of department.

In 2011-2016 the banking department was headed by doctor of economics, professor Vasilyeva Т. А. During the years of existence the department prepared more than 3000 highly skilled specialists. Graduates of banking department work in the National bank of Ukraine, leading banks, international companies and financial groups, financial establishments, accounting and consulting companies and rating agencies.

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epifanov aoThe department of finance was founded in 1998 on the basis of the Ukrainian academy of banking of Chancellor’s order № of 165-uch from July, 2, 1998. The process of organizational development of the department, forming of its basic directions of activity took place under guidance of doctor of economics, professor Naumenkova S.V. During 2007-2009 the department of finance was headed by the initiator of Ukrainian academy of banking creation and her future chancellor, doctor of economic sciences, professor Yepifanov А.О.

During the next years the department of finance was headed by prominent scientists and business professionals: from 2009 till 2010 by a doctor of economics, professor Shkolnyk І. О., from 2010 till 2013 by a doctor of economic, professor Lyeonov S. V., from 2013 till 2016 by a doctor of economic sciences, professor Frolov S. M. For 18 years the department of finance of Ukrainian academy of banking provided professional preparation of specialists for specialty "Finance and credit". Over 3000 bachelor, specialist and master degrees were produced in all history of the department. Our graduating students occupy leading and managing professional positions in enterprises, insurance and financial companies, auditing firms that work on national as well as international arenas, and also in different levels public management authorities.

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Presently the department of finance, banking and insurance unites specialists that have sufficient practical and scientific experience. 31 teachers works for the department, from whom 6 have scientific degrees of doctor of economics and 25 – scientific degrees of candidate of economics (including 5 professors and 15 associate professors).


The department of finance, banking and insurance invites for a study at the level of bachelor and master degree young, ambitious, repose self-assured people. We expect young scientists for a studies at Ph. D.’s and Doctor’s levels. We are open to communication and invite all interested persons to scientific and international collaboration.