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The direction of training - "Banking technologies and processes"

How often do you think about your future? What will it be? What will you devote yourself to? There are a lot of interesting and astounding things around. A lot of professions. And only one would be yours.

Banker is both a profession and self-sufficient position.

If anybody could put up a rating of all-time popular professions, banker would be on the highest position alongside with diplomat, doctor or lawyer.

It is a common thought in society, that working at bank might be dull, formal and tied only to numbers. But banker works with people in the first place! That’s why creativity and intuition in carrying out the functions and eccentricity in solving problems are so valuable. Live communication and diversity of clients’ characteristics demand banker to combine both intelligence and pursuit of success in hard business.

The “professional banker” status is as prestigious as well as, for example, “professional metallurgist” or “professional builder”. Banking sphere creates somewhat of a material base for social development, realisation of all directions of state politics. Among ponderable factors, which influence the achievement of business success in banking sphere are: fundamental professional education, acquired knowledge, and skills in finance-credit sphere. Non less important is the understanding of business communications and methods of its realisation.

In reality banker is both a profession and self-sufficient position, and Ukrainian Academy Of Banking Of The National Bank Of Ukraine is a solid theoretical basis and guaranteed perspective of formation of young Ukrainan citizen. Ukrainian Academy Of Banking, Department of Banking invites young, talented, ambitious and creative people - students and graduates of schools, colleges, technical schools and employees of finance-credit institutions to harness the secrets of banking and become successful bankers.

"Best profession - BANKER"

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