General information about the department

The Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance of the Educational and Research Institute for Business Technologies "UAB" of Sumy State University provides professional training of specialists in the educational degree:

  • Bachelor in specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (educational programs "State and local finances" and "Banking", duration of study - 4 years);
  • Master in specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance"
    – Educational and professional programs: "Banking" and "Finance", duration of study - 1 year 4 months);
    – Educational and scientific program "Finance, Banking and Insurance", duration of study - 1 year 9 months).

The teaching staff of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance is composed of specialists with a sufficient practical and scientific experience. There are 31 teachers at the department, 4 of them have a scientific degree of doctor of economic sciences and 27 - a scientific degree of the candidate of economic sciences (PhD) (including 3 professors and 17 associate professors).

The staff of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance teaches about 50 academic disciplines, for which a necessary complex of modern teaching and methodological support is created and constantly updated and improved.

The department conducts scientific management of postgraduate students in the specialty 08.00.08 "Money, Finance and Credit". Starting from 2016 the Doctor of Philosophy is trained in specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (educational and scientific program "Financial intermediation").

The teaching staff of the department has prepared over 500 methodical developments, published more than 800 scientific works including 90 monographs, brochures, tutorials and textbooks with a stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

At the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance operates Educational Training Bank that simulate work of real banking institutions with interactive forms of learning. Learning process is close to the real conditions of banking institutions and increases the level of professional training of students.

Teachers of the Department take an active part in the implementation of research topics. Within the framework of organization of scientific work of the student at the department there are student scientific circles.

The department actively collaborates on the employment of its graduates. in leading banks, enterprises of Sumy region and other regions, departments of regional, district, city state administrations, insurance companies, other financial and credit institutions and small and medium enterprises. The level of employment among graduates reaches over 95%.

One of the key priorities of the department is its integration into the international university community. The department facilitates the training of postgraduate students and teachers abroad, the training of students in the summer schools, participation in international contests and conferences, trainings, in particular in the grant program Erasmus+ «3…2…1…Action!» (Palermo, Italy), International scientific conference "Practice and research of private and public sectors" (University of Mykolas Romeris, Vilnius, Lithuania); training course «STEP IN: Step into the Dialogue», Tallinn, Estonia), Seminar on "Corporate Governance in Banks" (University of Naples, Italy) and others.

Students, postgraduate students and faculty members take part in the programs of academic mobility ("included semesters", industrial practices): at the University of Foggia (Italy) within the framework of the Erasmus + CA1 Program - International Credit Mobility; at the University of Applied Sciences within the DAAD scholarship (Zittau, Germany); in the Banking Institute "Higher School" (Prague, Czech Republic); at the Higher School of the Bundesbank (Hachenburg, Germany), at the Technical University of Freiberg (Germany).

Teachers of the Department are actively involved in scientific, educational and grant programs:

• Jean Monnet Educational Projects "Financial Aspects of European Integration: Summer / Winter Schools for Young Researchers and Students"; "European Studies in Finance: Research and Dissemination of European Experiences in Education for Finance among the Population";

• "School for decentralization for youth" funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland;

• the scientific grant from the The Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC) to conduct research on the topic «Behavior implications of Systemically important Banks: evidence from Ukraine»;

• the scientific project with the Technical University of Freiberg (Germany) with the support of DAAD on "Developing a Dialogue between Banks and Civil Society in the Context of Ensuring Democratic Processes in Ukraine";

• "Initial Entrepreneurship School for Students and Beginners" within the framework of the European Union Project "Support for Regional Development Policy".

The Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance invites young, ambitious, self-assured individuals for higher education in the field of Finance, Banking and Insurance at the level of the bachelor's and master's degrees. We are looking forward to young scientists for postgraduate and doctoral studies. We are open to communication and invite everyone to scientific and international cooperation.